Terrible Trump Tweet Triggers Teens

The latest tweet from everyone’s favorite 2016 presidential candidate is in and boy, is it a doozy. Donald Trump has again demonstrated his¬†intelligence by sharing his opinion with his fellow twitter followers and once again, people took to their keyboards to voice their outrage. “It just makes me so angry the he’s allowed to think this way. Why won’t anybody stop him!” tweeted lalalauren15, age 16 from Michigan.¬†trumptweetAnother polarizing tweet from donttestme45, age 18 from Washington reads “Did you read what trump just said? What a dumba**”. AndreaMeoWw, 15 from OK, tweets “This is one of the most important political occurrences of our generation. we must stand up against trump”.

Clearly, America’s teens are fed up with The Donald. Rest assured, we’ll bring you the latest information from Trump’s twitter feed as new tweets emerge.

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