Is People Informer just another fake news website?

PI is a website where the author can be anyone. Our editors are not involved in research or fact checking any of the articles posted, and their truthfulness should be determined with your best judgment. However, it is not true that PI deals exclusively in false news stories.

How exactly does this work?

As a free service, PI will allow anyone to create an article and have it displayed on peopleinformer.com. Authors will have access to a text editor and images to accompany their article. Once published, the article will appear on our homepage and will be be accessible from a direct link that is generated.

Can you include my image in an article?

All of the images on PI were gathered from free image databases, or PI was given explicit permission from the copyright owner to include their image. If you are the copyright owner of an image and would like it included in an article, please send it with your permission to contact@peopleinformer.com

An article on PI stole content from an article on a different site, can it be removed?

If you suspect that an article or image has been plagiarized, please send details to contact@peopleinformer.com. If it is determined that the content was used without permission, it will be taken down.

Can you take down an article?

In general, an article will only be removed if

  1. it includes personal information about an individual
  2. it plagiarizes another work
  3. the article contains illegal content

Furthermore, an article can be removed at the discretion of PI staff.