People Clamoring for ‘Promovere Media Group’

The online media marketing industry is a fiercely competitive business to be in, and that is especially true in 2016. Surprisingly, one Houston based business has found a way to stand out, and it’s potentially a game changer for online marketing. The Promovere Media Group has been steadily gaining prominence for the past few years with it’s full service video agency and digital experiences. Recently, Promovere has been betting big on Virtual Reality (VR), an up and coming video format that has the potential to revolutionize the way we consume media.

Todd Manus, CEO And Founder of the Promovere Media Group

Clients have already started to see the value in getting ahead of the trends, according to founder Todd Manus. “Most people are understandably skeptical when I suggest the idea of using VR in marketing” explains Manus. “But after they see the kinds of videos that are possible, they become really excited about working with it.” VR has turned many clients into believers, including small businesses and real estate agencies. Even large companies like Facebook and Sony are showing an interest in the demand for VR content.

Promovere Media Group is one of the only companies in Houston offering a VR option in addition to their many other offerings, which has really put them on the map.

“The future of media marketing is really exciting”, says Manus. “Very soon, I think this is going to get really big, and I’m lucky enough to have gotten in on the ground floor.”

The future does look promising. Just try to imagine watching a video like this

except in a 360° interactive environment. That is the type of future that Manus and other visionaries are predicting.

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