Jackie Chan Kung-Fus Mugger

By Russell Fromm

News of an armed gunman who allegedly tried to steal the wallet of legendary film actor Jackie Chan has begun to surface.  Shoppers at the Fort-Worth based Pier One Imports told Investigators that the surprised Chan initially appeared to cooperate with the attackers demands, but things quickly got out of hand. “Like, when he stuck his hands in the air,  he accidentally knocked over a bookshelf and made a loud noise. The next thing I knew, he’s like, 12 feet in the air doing some kind of spinning, flipping kick,” one witness reports. “It was really scary. When he got his foot stuck in this fancy vase, I thought for sure he was a goner. But some how he was able to engage the mugger without getting hit or braking the vase.” Thankfully no one was seriously injured during the incident. The mugger is still on the lose.

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