Hollywood Corrupting Youth

How Hollywood is Corrupting America's Youth

By adrielbaraka

Hollywood…Hollywood…Hollywood. so native in America, not so? Have you ever wondered why countless Americans support the ongoing War in Iraq? Why so may of them support the retaliatory attacks against perpetrators of Paris terror attacks? Why the majority of young Americans still believe that Nairobi is a hot bed of terror? Why so many people appreciate a police state regulatory system? The threshold to a complete understanding of this kind of state and corporate moral decay is to explore and discover the science of social engineering and mind control that underlines most of the action oriented Hollywood movies.

Basing on the kind of Hollywood movies that has been produced over the recent past, it is apparent that they are increasingly pushing their secret agendas. Agendas that is demonic, evil and satanic to the core.Come on, this is not accidental; it is a strategically crafted classic art aimed at numbing down the entire populations on earth. It is a design that existed prior to the advent of the United States.

With the current times,it is impossible to do away with movies whether you are a kid or not. Most People in American homes are more often tuned in to TV – both siblings and parents. In most homes, the TV perpetually provides no substantial educational benefits for kids under the age of two. To worsen it all, it actually snatches away the time for creative activities that develops their brain. Activities like social interactions and playing. Children learn a lot more effectively from real interaction with objects rather than what they see on video screen. Most movies grab the attention of the target group. Whether the advert involves Catchy audio, interesting pictures or visuals, the prime intention is usually to arouse the target viewer’s attention and that’s exactly what they achieve.

I don’t have a nicer way to put it across, can you assist? This is how they destroy, undermine, and corrupt our mind:

  1. They make everything that goes on in our Brain appear as though it really is a Story.
  2. They have successfully instilled the pop culture into the American people. right from birth, upbringing, Education system. They all obey this culture- the Pop Culture.
  3. The script writers of Hollywood stories always have agenda. Behind every action, there is an intention and for every word there is a spirit. Never forget that action speaks louder than words!
  4. Most of the Hollywood scripts are meant to control and influence American peoples patterns of thought and reasoning. This ultimately dictates their decisions and choices
    It is true that it took an entire lifetime mold your this virtual reality Americans.

It follows that; it may even take a little bit longer than a week to completely awaken. Bear in mind that a journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step..


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  1. I have been saying that for years. The rating system is a joke. It has never been accurate and it keeps getting worse, trying to get at the youngest. What used to be rated X or at least R is now PG13. I know for a fact that some so called adults let their kids watch anything. Adults shouldn’t be watching most the GARBAGE. Why would anybody with any morals at all even be involved in such so called movies???

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