Popular website is a joke

"the laughing stock of the internet"

Nobody takes 4chan serious. Its entire existence is based on Japanese culture and cartoonies. Do you really expect and self respecting journalist to come here in all serious? Amongst a pool of virgin autist aspie man babies who are full of nothing but angst and delusion.

4chan is the laughing stock of the internet. Nobody normal Will ever understand your niche community filled with anime cartoonies on 90% of the boards.

4chan could have been respected today, if only moot had stolen the image board template, but dropped the anime kiddy stuff. Just imagine what 4chan would have been today with actual adults with actual jobs. No avatar faggots. No anime trash. No weeabos. No aspies. No mlp. This place could have been an america success story and moot would have been a billionaire. Imagine, thousands of daily users on the politically correct board. All respectable adults. No little kids cartoonies in every thread. Just pure conservative discussion with the occasional centrist making his argument. Unfortunately moot was only 15 when he ripped off 2chan so naturally he made a project that reflected what he was at the time. Immature.

This is the real reason 4chan will never be taken serious. Anyone who watches anime daily I can guarantee with a high degree of certainty that person is a complete failure in life. A waste of oxygen. Who do you think makes those daily need threads? Who do you think makes those black dick threads? Yup. Anime faggots. Little children stuck in an adults body.

Im sorry, anyone who goes on twitter using a fake avatar, w fake name, a picture of a little anime girl. You’re a complete embarrassment. You bring shame to the Donald trump movement. You only follow trump because you’re so immature that it makes you giggle when trump uses a naughty no no word. That’s what is really happening. Meanwhile people like me vote trump for his policies of for job creation.

It’s sad. There are real adults here, lost in the sea of immaturity.

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