Strawberries VS Cellphone Chargers

The ultimate showdown

Starwberry vs Cellphone Charger

A cell phone charger has become one of the most important tools in contemporary society. The number of people who rely on their cell phones to conduct their business and their personal affairs is ever growing, and its importance in keeping people connected cannot be understated. However, even the best cell phones usually run on batteries, which require constant recharging. Thus, the charger is important in keeping the economies of most countries running. Strawberries, on the other hand, are a naturally occurring fruit that is quite sweet. It is one of few fruits that contain its seeds on its exterior and thus would not truly be considered a berry, in the traditional sense.

phone chargerWhen comparing the composition of these two objects, you might be surprised to learn that both are carbon based. Although plastics contain extra elements that are synthetically added, at the heart of it all plastics are made of carbon chains. Carbon is a common building block of all life on earth, including strawberries. Interestingly, mobile chargers are typically made of about 90% plastic material; they are very similar to strawberries in this respect.
Another shared trait is that both of them are susceptible to normal cooking temperature. For example, if a cell phone charger were to be placed on a frying pan with medium heat turned on it would begin to start melting, and something similar would happen to a strawberry if it were placed on the same frying pan. In other words, they would both begin to disintegrate when exposed to normal cooking temperature.

A strawberry is also quite similar to a cell phone charger in that they are both acquired at a cost to most individuals. Except those who farm the strawberries, everyone else who wants one has to pay. This is the same as a cell phone charger; if one needs either a cell phone charger or a strawberry, they must be willing to fork out some money.

Another major similarity between strawberries and cell phone chargers is that they contain iron. However, the strawberries contain only minuscule trace amounts of iron. strawberry

Most surprisingly, both of them can be used to charge a cell phone. Although most people only use a cell phone charger to charge their phone, it is not impossible to charge a phone using a strawberry. With a bit of chemistry knowledge, one can fire up their cell phone batteries using a pile of strawberries, and realize significant results.

The differences between strawberries and chargers might seem more obvious; for starters, chargers have no water content. Conversely, a strawberry is made up of almost 70% water.

It is also interesting to note that people can live on strawberries. However, it would be impossible to survive on a cell phone charger. For instance, if one was stuck in an area with a bag of cell phones and another bag full of strawberries. The strawberries would be better suited to saving the person’s life. This is especially the case if the area did not have network coverage.

Another major difference is that cell phone chargers have potential to damage the environment. The cell phone chargers damage the environment by releasing harmful heavy metals into the food chain when they are discarded. The issue of discarding e-waste can be quite challenging to deal with. It would be very difficult to damage the environment with strawberries, and in fact they are commonly used for practicing organic farming.

In conclusion, despite there being a number of differences between strawberries and cell phone chargers, it is quite clear that they have similarities.

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