Facebook Unveils New Activism Based Social Network

A Big Victory for Facebook's Political Activists

Activists Celebrate Huge Win on Facebook

During a press conference at Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg lifted the curtains on what he is referring to as “Our most ambitious attempt yet at connecting and changing the world.” The new “Political Activism Book” or “PAB” is a free service that will integrate with all existing Facebook accounts and divert politically charged articles to the new social network. “Once this change is implemented, Facebook will automatically detect if a user has a high share rate of opinionated or politically slanted articles, and transport those articles from Facebook to PAB. We are confident that this change will make lives easier for all of our users; aspiring political activists will have all of the same articles that support their view points in one area, and normal people will continue using Facebook as it was intended.”

Internet activists from around the globe are excited that this change is finally being made. According to the Internet Research Lab at UCLA, a feature like PAB has been the number one most requested addition to Facebook since its rise to popularity. Thousands of prominent activists have been clamoring for features similar to PAB for what seems like eons. Spokespersons for internet activism website cecilspride.wordpress Helena DeMartinez released this statement:

“This is a real game changer. With PAB, we’ll be able to spread our message much further than ever before. Instead of limiting ourselves to ordinary people who just want to check their friend’s statuses, we’ll be targeting the most active users on the internet who have a proven track record of enacting real, tangible change in the world.

Unfortunately, PAB will not be available to everyone, although there are a few different ways a user can become eligible. Facebook will determine that a user is an exceptional political activist by using an advanced algorithm which tracks the frequency of opinionated articles “shared” with all of their friends. Alternatively, regular Facebook users can recommend a user be upgraded to PAB by selecting the new inspirational thumbs up icon, which lets Facebook developers know that a user was inspiring.  A few more months will be needed to roll out this long sought after update, but expect a smooth transition to PAB to arrive this holiday season.

12 Comments on Facebook Unveils New Activism Based Social Network

  1. So basically what this is, is fb automatically deleting, er…uh…diverting posts?

    Sending them to PAB or never never land?

    I think I need more information please.

  2. This is another income diversification strategy. Facebook(PAB) will gain more traction and advertizers would want to take advantage of the political platform PAB offers…Money more for Mark Zuckerberg

  3. This is so obviously a fabricated lie of an article. Since when does an activist not want to inform the general public? Its like shoving protesters down a vacant alley where only those who already know are the only ones to inform. Its also an alley to then close off to the public.

    Also as to this FABRICATED claim of HAVING TO READ activist posts….. Quite the contrary is true as FB all to often biases your feed by switching you to popular (and who determines popular but FB themselves) regardless of your continually setting to most recent post. And furthermore, unless you are at FB 24/7 you are unlikely to see all that shows up on your feed, unless you have fewer than 10 friends and follows, as FB also limits how much you get to see on your feed which you can verify by visiting friends and follow pages to cross check what they posted and what you got from them on your feed.

    The proper word for this is Censorship of what Zionist Jews don’t want the public to know. But the very act of this deception… let people know about this technique of deception FB is pursuing.

    So there is no question about censorship intent of FB regarding politics, which if anything only contributes to the evidence of political corruption at work here.

    • Hahaha, are you kidding me?! You and the Zionist Jews are the ones using facebook to spread their propaganda! You’re just butthurt because now we arnt forced to ready your s***** worthless opinions. Nice try though.

    • I just wanted to post that I completely agree with T.Rue. This is about censorship and removing political posts they don’t want on FB. Their reasons for doing it are no more than Zionist deceptions or propaganda. We know what they don’t want on FB and its information like that 911 was a Zionist False Flag.

  4. Activism is actually about Ordinary People making extraordinary changes in the world. Is PAB a recognition software that can tell what is political and what´s not? Or is it a flagging system for the non-conformant? We´ll see what it turns out to be, but let´s face it: facebook is not big on user friendly freedoms. Where is the “search” option into our own publications? And why oh! why does facebook change the file names as they are uploaded? You have to be ready to answer this questions because Activists are not your Ordinary People.

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