#DontSitOnSaintNick Together we can stop Christmas Rape Culture.


The Christmas trees and jingling tunes have arrived, but I’d like to bring to your attention as the Holidays roll around people will be taking their kids to malls, Christmas parties, and church functions to sit on Santa’s lap.
While it is an old traditions that’s been around for generations and may seem harmless, it’s not that innocent.
By taking our little girls to go see Santa we are teaching them that they need to ask men for what they want/need.
It’s also promoting rape culture and misogyny to tell them they need to sit in a mans lap in order to get what they want.
Do we really want the next generation of strong, independent women bowing down at the feet of men?
Feminists and Equal Rights Advocates alike are outraged. This has gone on far too long without anyone raising their voice.
I ask that you share this with your family and friends to raise awareness and take back Christmas for women.

Happy Holidays.

Share the hashtags #dontsitonsaintnick
#santaisnotaseat & #santaslapisatrap on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr to join our army and put the end to Christmas Rape Culture and Misogyny.

10 Comments on #DontSitOnSaintNick Together we can stop Christmas Rape Culture.

  1. I never even thought of this, I’m so glad someone brought it to our attention. Down with misogynistic Santa Clause and his rape culture agenda!!

  2. You have got to be kidding me… have any of you all deluded ideologues considered that sitting on Santa’s lap is a gender neutral thing? So little boys sitting on Santa’s lap is okay but not girls because reasons? Get bent.

  3. I am glad that someone finally pointed out this well hidden misogny of out patriarchical society. It’s unbelievable how many things are out there hidden, but still very effective at opressing young girls and women.

  4. This article is more directed at girls sitting on Santa’s lap but what about boys they also sit on Santa’s lap on other notes this is b******* join a legitimate group for equality. Also I’d like to thank the 4chan community for this bait although it’s worked too well

  5. You guys are f****** morons. Sitting on Santa’s lap is for both boys and girls. Second, it isn’t “rape culture” you stupid feminists killed the meaning it was SUPPOSED TO MEAN! It’s not sexist, it’s not racist. Also you’re taking the Holiday spirit from a child! She doesn’t know what rape is. She’s a kid! You’re gonna remove a big chunk out of her childhood because of your stupid views! F*** off!

  6. And lemme clarify because there’s no edit box. You’re pretty much killing children’s childhoods saying it’s rape. F*** you.

  7. Oh for gosh sakes!! As a young girl who sat on Santa’s lap – NEVER did I think I was beholden to a MAN! Get real! What are people who think like this smoking?
    Oh, and over the course of time….never was myself or heard of anyone else being raped by a Santa. Absurdity.

    Men – you’d better hang onto your luggage because there’s a very vicious tribe out there looking to rid you of it!

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