“Shock Opinion” Article Rocks the Nation

Emotions Run High After Inflammatory Article Surfaces

An unsettling article containing controversial opinions has been gaining traction on social media. The opinion, which is in stark contrast to the opinions held by the majority of Americans, has left many both shocked and appalled in its wake. Millions have taken to Facebook and Twitter to voice their disagreement and collective outrage over the the author’s unorthodox sentiments. “As soon as I read the headline, I knew that this article was criticizing a cherished and personal belief of mine.” says Jeremy Walker, 26. “I was just compelled to let everyone know that the opinions expressed within this article are in direct conflict with my own opinions.”

To be sure, countless internet goers have expressed their disapproval. Facebook commenter Abbie Winston, 19, feels especially hurt by the article. “The worst part is, the article can kind of be interpreted to apply to me. I can’t believe that someone would actually think this way! It makes literally no sense. ” Another commenter, Andrea Vasquez, 22, crafted a well thought out rebuttal to counter the article, in the hopes that it would reach the author and change their mind.  “A lot of what’s in the article is actually easily refutable, so pointing out the fallacies was no problem,” says Vasquez. “It’s almost like it was written in such a way that they wanted people to argue with them.”

As of this writing, the article has been shared over 6 million times on Facebook, and has received more than 24 million comments.

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