Arendelle Names New Ambassador to U.S.

Kevin Malapitan will take over in Washington starting February next year

A spokesperson for Arendelle’s U.S. embassy has announced at a press conference that Kevin Malapitan is set to become the small country’s new ambassador to the United States. The historically reclusive country has only recently begun reaching out to other parts of the world. “We are very pleased that Kevin Malapitan will be our new ambassador,” Arendelle’s spokesperson said. “We are confident that Malapitan will represent our values and advance our bilateral relations with the U.S.”

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Malapitan, new ambassador from Arendelle

While most were receptive of the bold move, there were at least a few vocal critics, including concerns from a high ranking official from Arendelle’s neighbor, the Duke of Weselton. “He is a complete unknown! How can Arendelle expect to foster trust when they won’t share any information with us? This whole business seems very peculiar, if you ask me. No, Malapitan is simply not to be trusted!” Other reactions were more optimistic. One woman at the press conference shared her thought with us. “It’s true that he’s a mystery man, but I’m willing to give him a chance. He does have a trusting face, after all.” Malapitan certainty has a lot to prove. Arendelle has shown that it can be a  powerful trading partner, and is rumored to contain ‘untold riches’. However, most of the country still does not have basic infrastructure, such as electricity and plumbing. Undoubtedly both the U.S. and Arendelle have a lot to offer each other.

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